Tenders Our Way

Jaybee's Atlanta

2575 Snapfinger Rd Suite W, Decatur, GA, 30034

In Kind Only

What you will receive

Infuencers experience authentic Jaybee's chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, and fresh, delicious lemonade for an in kind exchange for content (retail value $50). This is a walk-up, all-digital "gourmet" chicken house.

Located on Snapfinger Rd. in Decatur, Jaybee's is all about delicious chicken tenders, not luxury interiors and atmosphere. You'll walk up to the window and eat in your car but you'll be glad you did. They're amazing!


You'll capture your visit in a short video for Instagram Reels with a voiceover that explains exactly how to place your order and pick up your meal from the counter.

Brand Story

Jaybees' Chicken Tenders are served hot and fresh from our walk-up location in Decatur. While our building might be small, our chicken is known far and wide as some of the best in town. We're considered gourmet fast food and, even though the food is cooked to order, you won't have to wait long!



Visuals & Theme

Light and airy - have fun! 🎉


We want you to be true to your brand/page but would like for you to mention that there's no indoor seating and you have to order online!

Hashtags & mentions



IG Reel

Scheduling requirements

Try to schedule your visit when we're closed, before 1pm Thursday through Sunday.

Target creator size



21 to 45