Plant Based Eats

VEG'D Restaurant

280 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626

What you will receive

Influencers experience our 100% plant-based menu of nourishing, whole foods from Chef Matthew Kenney, a world-renowned plant-based, Michelin-rated celebrity chef and entrepreneur with over 25 restaurants worldwide.

Located on Bristol St. in Costa Mesa, our patties are made in-house, without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Delicious, vibrant, flavorful, and nutritious foods - fast.


You'll capture your visit in a short video - perfect for Instagram Reels or TikTok - displaying the delicious plant-based options that you try. Be creative and make it fun!

Brand Story

VEG'D is passionate about healthy living and a healthy earth. Our mission is to provide delicious and nourishing drinks + meals on the go and kids meals you can feel good about giving your kids. Factory farming has a tremendous negative impact on the environment: excessive water usage, wildland takeovers, and the number one contributor to greenhouse gases - even over all forms of transportation combined. Choosing a plant-based diet is kinder to our planet and our animal friends. We make the choice easy by providing fast, animal-free foods that are delicious, satisfying, and full of flavor.



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Light and airy - have fun! 🎉


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