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Roots Restaurant

300 Main St. Longmont, Longmont, CO, 80501

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What you will receive

We are currently seeking trade arrangements for our promotional efforts at 300 Main St. Longmont. Our focus is on showcasing our dinner service, available between 4 pm and 9 or 10 pm or brunch/lunch service that is 10 am - 4 pm. To enhance your experience, we are pleased to extend an invitation for you and possibly an additional guest. In exchange for your engaging content, we're thrilled to offer the following complimentary items:

A choice of either a delectable appetizer OR a delightful dessert per table. One beverage per person, which can include our delightful 8 Wonders selection. An entree for each individual. For brunch, it would be an entree for each person with whatever sides you want, a dessert for the table, and a drink per person. Any additional items beyond the provided offerings will receive a 10% discount.


We kindly request that you create captivating story posts during your dining experience. Additionally, we are excited about the prospect of either a TikTok or Instagram Reels collaboration, where we would appreciate being tagged as a "collaborator." Rest assured, we will also share these reels on our channels, giving due credit to your content. Alternatively, we would be pleased with an Instagram carousel of photos (and, if applicable, on Facebook). Feel free to explore both options. ! Please note that everything is unavailable on Tuesdays since we are closed.

In crafting your caption and/or video content, spotlight our array of special offerings and operating hours, encompassing: -An extended daily happy hour, available from 12 pm to 6 pm (perfect for those seeking leisurely indulgence) -Incorporating a mention within the caption about our inviting daily brunch and lunch options. -Illuminating the late-night allure with our late-night Friday and Saturday specials, continuing from 10 pm until midnight. -Shining a spotlight on the captivating events hosted at the Dickens Opera House, held within our enchanting upstairs venue (you can mention that events will happen or be specific if there is an event you would be excited for!) -Highlighting our unique "Time Capsule" exclusive private dining encounter, designed for up to 4 guests, an experience set within our distinctive bank vault setting.

Brand Story

Our story begins in 2002 as a full-service catering company, The Gourmet Kitchen, offering multicultural and cross-cultural foods to its clients. Growing to become a 5-star well known caterer in the Denver Metro area, we expanded the event experience in December 2014 to our beautiful mid-century modern venue Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center, where we create memorable life stories for our guests.

The restaurant Roots was born in July 2020 in the midst of COVID to give families and individuals a safe place to enjoy delicious, eclectic, fresh food, away from the hustle bustle of the city. Owner and Chef Madhoo is an immigrant from New Delhi, India and firmly believes that food is one of the best mediums to connect us to our culture. She opened Roots to satisfy the yearning of people to experience foods from their travels or their home country. In addition to bringing a community together with our diverse cross-cultural menu, we support non-profits, strive to work with local purveyors, pay living wages and benefits to all our employees, and are madly in love with Environmental Sustainability. Hence the name Roots.



Visuals & Theme

Light and airy - have fun! 🎉


We want you to be true to your brand/page and also describe your experience at Roots Restaurant. Details for your post will be provided upon acceptance to the campaign.

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Please reach out to us to schedule a day! We will reach out to you if something is scheduled and does not work out for us.

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21 to 45