Neighborhood Subs


1331 17th St, Denver, CO, 80202

In Kind Only

What you will receive

Influencers experience neighborhood subs from Colorado natives, utilizing three key components: amazing bread, fresh ingredients, & consistent condiments, veggies, & meats. Influencers will have their full meal comped in exchange for creating a short video promoting STACK Subs on social media.


You'll capture your visit to STACK Subs in a short video for Instagram Reels or TikTok to showcase our space & different food/drink selections. You'll either include a voiceover that describes your experience OR overlay trendy music with your video to make it a fun watch.

Brand Story

At STACK Subs, we've spent 20+ years in the corporate world living on both coasts and traveling everywhere in between. However, being from Colorado, the plan was always to return ‘home’ to raise a family. During our nomadic years, we realized we were detached from our community and always talked about starting a business in CO. We loved sandwiches and felt Colorado lacked a memorable sandwich experience. We wanted to bring the best of the best from around the country here to our home. So, we started STACK Subs to give people a great meal prepared quickly and at a fair price. In addition, we wanted to build sub sandwiches that fixed the common problems we encountered. In particular, we felt a great sandwich needs a few key components:

First, it needs amazing bread that is flavorful but not too doughy. The bread should have a light, flaky crust but not too crispy. Second, it needs to be fresh, delicious, and healthy. Fresh toppings and high quality lean meats are cut fresh daily and the sandwich is toasted to bring out extra flavor. Third, the sandwiches need to be prepared with care such that the meats, vegetables, toppings, and condiments are stacked uniformly and consistently across the entire sandwich so every bite is as delicious and fulfilling as the last.



Visuals & Theme

Light and airy - have fun! 🎉


We want you to be true to your brand/page but would like for you to describe your experience at STACK Subs, as well as tag @stack.subs

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Scheduling requirements

Preferred scheduling any day after 1 pm mst, keeping in mind that STACK Subs closes around 4:30 pm mst.

Target creator size



21 to 45