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Kala Modern Greek

2523 N Clark St Chicago, Chicago, IL, 60614

What you will receive

We're totally stoked to have you create some content about our place! As a thank you, we're offering you an all-expenses-paid meal featuring one of our exceptional dishes and drinks (of your choice). We can’t wait for you to try our menu! But at KALA, it's not just about the food, it's also about the ✨vibes✨ and friendly service. You’ll feel like you’re walking right into the dreamy streets of Greece!


We want this to really capture the restaurant. Show the outside, the entrance, the dining experience, etc. Show how delicious the food looked and tasted (maybe show a bite and your reaction!). Also, please include a voiceover talking through the experience. This video should educate the viewer on the experience enough for them to feel comfortable coming in, while staying true to the typical look and feel of your page 🙂 \

  • We’d like to feature and focus on some of our Greek favorites: Spanakpoita, Halloumi, Greek Salad, Avgolemono Soup, and the Loukoumades & Fro-go.
  • We’d also like to focus on the “fast fine dining” concept and how easy it is to order at the counter via the QR code. In addition, we have a stellar Greek wine and beer selection, and we’re great for groups so would like to highlight this as well.

Brand Story

KALA's story is rooted in the warm, bustling kitchen of Yiayia, where Greek street food was crafted with love and tradition. Our menu, inspired by these classics, respects our commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing. Embracing inclusivity, we offer a wide range of plant-based options alongside our meat dishes. As we continue on this culinary journey, KALA remains dedicated to honoring our roots while providing a modern take on Greek cuisine.


Food, Lifestyle

Visuals & Theme

Light and airy (like a trip to Greece!)


Stay true to your brand/page but highlight @kalachicago

Hashtags & mentions

@kalachicago #KalaChicago


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Scheduling requirements

Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 5:30/6:00 PM. Anytime on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but 2:00 PM-ish is best to get daylight videos.

Target creator size



21 to 45