Charlotte StreetFair Collaboration


Downtown Cotswold, Cornelius, NC, 28211

What you will receive

$150 towards your first Spring home project booked with the StreetFair platform. Popular selections include landscaping, irrigation, gutter cleaning, mulch, window cleaning, pressure washing, or painting!


Your neighborhood and community need this! We're looking for Charlotte-based homeowners and home renters who can help us promote our platform, StreetFair.

Finding trusted service providers to do work at your home is HARD. But it doesn’t have to be. StreetFair is a free platform that makes it easy to find home service professionals trusted and vetted by your actual neighbors. Not to mention, you can join in on group deals with your neighbors for discounted rates!

Everyone benefits by getting quality service and saving time and money. Every time.

  • We want you to say something like:
    • “Check out StreetFair and join your neighborhood!”
    • “Use the link in the description to see if StreetFair's in your neighborhood!”

👉🏼 "Check out the link below to see if Streetfair is in your neighborhood and sign up!"

🩷 Come to our neighborhood, @streetfair! 📍 (your city) ➡️"

  • We want to drive traffic to the StreetFair website, encourage people to create accounts, and book services.
  • Mention that StreetFair also has an app that makes scheduling service easy and convenient.

Brand Story

We started StreetFair because we're homeowners. We're neighbors. We're passionate believers that there must be a better way to find and hire home service professionals you can trust to get the job done. And that's what we're building, together.

Our mission is to make it easy for homeowners to hire local professionals their neighbors already use and trust. We curate a neighbor-vetted list of local professionals to help you quickly find the right provider for any home project - without the noise.


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Visuals & Theme

Overall theme is describing what StreetFair is and then splice and dicing your service experience through the app.

Voice over would be great to make it as authentic and personal as possible. Feel free to add in music as needed as well!


We want you to be true to your Brand/page, but highlight @streetfairclt.

Hashtags & mentions

Please tag @streetfairclt @joinstreetfair Hashtags: #streetfair #homeservices #supportlocal


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Scheduling requirements

🚨 Scheduling denotes when you will produce content, So please schedule for when you will post your content.

During the day, if possible, so it's light out!

🚨 Please note!

❗You must live in a home; StreetFair is not available for apartments and condos.

❗StreetFair is only available in these Zip codes, but is expanding rapidly!

28078 (Huntersville) 28277 (Ballantyne) 28226 (Providence Area) 28210 (Quail Hollow Area) 28031 (Cornelius Area) 28211 (Cotswold Area)

If you don't live in one of these zip codes, no worries! We'd still love to work together! Please apply, and we can follow up with the next steps.

Target creator size

Any size


21 to 100