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Mamma Ramona's Restaurant

3760 Oceanic Way, Oceanside, CA, 92056

What you will receive

We're looking to partner with you for a short video and FB post and the opportunity to partner long-term. We want to promote our pizza subscription—52 pizzas (one per week) for $199—a dinner nobody has to plan for! We'd like you to use a custom checkout link to put in your bio so we can reward your success, as well as a unique $50 discount code for your audience to use at checkout for the subscription! We’re also offering a $40/pizza subscription sold incentive!

While our first engagement is to exchange products for content, we are eagerly seeking individuals to become valued brand ambassadors. Exceptional influencers may be selected for participation in future long-term or paid campaigns, opening the door to exciting opportunities and compensation for your dedicated involvement with Mamma Ramona's. Join us, grab some pizza hype up this amazing pizza subscription, and help us highlight Mamma Ramona's!


Approved Influencers will promote the 52 Pizzas for a Year Subscription

Have pizza cravings every week? Our subscription program is the best way to satisfy your pizza cravings without breaking the bank. Great for Families!

🍕For only $199, you get a whopping 52 medium cheese or pepperoni pizzas once weekly for 52 weeks.

🍕Best of all, these pizza pies are served as 12" deliciousness, sure to make pizza night a hit with everyone in the family.

🍕Start enjoying pizza night once a week without paying top-dollar prices, for the next 52 weeks.

🍕Pizza can be picked up at our location.

Brand Story

Welcome to Mamma Ramona's Pizzeria! We take pride in providing an exceptional pizza that combines tradition, freshness, and innovation. We embrace farm-to-table whenever possible with a fresh array of ingredients is carefully selected to elevate the flavors of our pizza. We make our dough by hand, grind our cheese every morning, and cook with stone-baked surfaces for the best crust possible..


Food, Family, Italian, Pizza

Visuals & Theme

Light and airy - have fun! 🎉


We want you to be true to your Brand/page, but highlight @mammaramonas and comment on Mamma's 52 Pizza subscription, show the pizza, include some candid's of you enjoying the pies and have fun!

Hashtags & mentions

@mammaramonas, #pizza, #sandiegopizza


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Scheduling requirements

🚨 This location does not have a dine-in location, only carry-out.

🚨 Open Wednesday through Sunday

🚨 pick-up available 4:30 PM - 9 PM

Target creator size



21 to 65