Wise Denver Holiday Party

Wise Assistant

145 N Broadway, Denver, CO, 80203

Event date

December 11, 2023 at 6:00PM MST

What you will receive

As we approach the close of an incredible year, we're gearing up to celebrate YOU – the heart and soul of our community! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Creator Appreciation Event: Wise Denver Holiday Party, hosted at Postino WineCafe. We'll gather to toast the memories as we gear up for our official Wise Denver Launch Party early next year. You'll enjoy two complimentary glasses of wine in exchange for a few Instagram stories and whatever other content that inspires you.


This event is about connecting with fellow creators in our Denver community while showing appreciation to Postino WineCafe. We want you to spend the evening networking with other Denver content creators and influencers while capturing and sharing Instagram stories and/or in-feed content (images or videos are fine). This is more about celebrating YOU and our community, so don't get too wrapped up in capturing content. Focus on having fun!

Brand Story

The mission of the local Wise Creator Community is to empower and uplift local content creators by providing them with a robust platform for growth and success. Through a combination of engaging events and educational programming, our community aims to nurture creativity, enhance skills, and foster collaboration among creators. We know haven't always gotten it right, but we're always looking to build better and stronger! In 2024, we want to re-focus on fostering a vibrant and supportive ecosystem that enables local creatives to thrive while contributing to the Denver community.


Food, Fashion, Alcohol & Spirits, Brunch, Lifestyle


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Scheduling requirements

Our Wise Denver Holiday Party will take place on Monday, December 11th from 6-8 pm MT at Postino WineCafe in Broadway (145 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203)

Target creator size

Any size


21 to 65